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'Just finished reading

'After reading ALL of your other writings, i'm 2/3rds through

'Just finished 'reading ' on cd, Dog Who Danced. It is a remarkable book and I could easily see Buddy Mack doing his job in herding & healing his people. My parents raised Basenji and we showed them as well. But it always amazed me to see their perceptive qualities and ability to change people's moods and lives. Looking forward to reading more of your stories. Thank you, Susan. '
'Marlene '

'a girl gave me a copy of the dog who saved my life. not only was it very entertaining and sometimes amusing, i plan to read the rest of your titles as well. thank you very much!'

'Just finished The Dog Who Saved Me. Loved it! I would love another book bringing Cooper back on his new job with his new partner the Black Lab.'
'Mary '

'I am reading through your dog series and enjoying it very much. I am a hopeless dog lover and was born and raised on the Vineyard. Keep them coming!'

'I'm halfway into

'Just finished Hawke's Cove, my first experience of your writing. Won't be the last. Ordered two more of your books. You're a wonderful writer.'
'Joe Burke'

'Just finished reading
'Vivian Hanson'

'Found your book A Man of His Own in a Fred Meyer store. Could not put it down and when I did I had to find a few tissues. I am a dog lover. Please write more. Thanks again'
'Keith Nelson Idaho Falls, Idaho'

'Just finished reading One Good Dog. Loved,loved, loved this book. I'm a dog lover, so I was thrilled when I found A Man of his own. After finishing that book I went in search of all your other dog books. Thank you so much. Can't wait to get my hands on all of them.'
'Claudette '

'What a wonderful writer you are! When I get 4 or 5 books from the library, I can't wait to read yours first. I am now reading
'Flo Moskat'

'I just finished listening to
'Wendy DeSimone'

'I read One Good Dog and it was awesome! It made me sad, mad, laugh and cry. So, I rushed out and looked for

'Talk about layers.. So many and so well written. I love your voice of the dog, that is exactly the way I would hear my dog speak. You can really put feelings down on paper. It's so hard to even realize what I'm feeling sometimes. I will read the rest of your books. Thank you. '
'Sharon Mullins'

'I just listened to One Good Dog on an audio book. I had to pull over I was crying so hard at the end. What a wonderful book. Thank you! I can't wait to read or listen to the rest of them now. '

'Susan, I am so happy to have discovered your books. I just read A MAN OF HIS OWN. It is one of the best books I have ever read. I was affected very deeply and especially by the wonderful interpretation of PAX'S perspective. The way you write is so tender and heartfelt. It all seems so real. I became very involved wanting more and more to know how it would conclude. The ending was so right and wonderful. It made me cry a whole lot, but was worth it. Thank you so very much for your writing and please write many more. '
'Judy Allen'

'I just finished reading, The Dog Who Danced, and I just can't get it out of my head. I couldn't wait to finish it. It had such a wonderful ending. Can't wait to pick up another one of your books.'
'Karla Wolfrum'

'I just finished reading One Good Dog and am still crying. Thank you for letting Chance live! I have two pit bulls, one of which is a former bait dog lovingly named Ben (we call him Benny:))and this story truly touched my soul. He saved me as much as I saved him, much like Adam and Chance. I am looking forward to reading more of your books. Thanks again!'
'Emilie Guthrie'

'Hello Susan, A big thank you for your books (have read One Good Dog & Dog who Danced so far) Your insight into canine behaviour AND your insight into human behaviour is spot on. I've been telling all my friends to get a hold of some of your novels. I have recently taken on my fourth rescue dog, after the death of last one. This little guy is mostly Shih Tzu with another unknown breed in there somewhere and 9 yrs old, but learning his way around a new home and friends as his previous owner was unwilling to take him back after he had escaped (or been dumped??) and spent a couple weeks as a street dog before the authorities captured him. Kepp on writing please, your novels are just so GOOD. Barbara Milne'
'Barbara Milne'

'I have read tw0 of your books and am anxious to read the rest. You are a refreshing speaker for the dogs! They do speak and arf, arf is not what they are saying. Dogs communicate with body language and

'Just wanted to say a little more about how much I loved One Good Dog. The story was so compelling, so gripping. The stoic nature of Chance, never feeling sorry for himself or his circumstances.. the alternate moments of despair of Adam, who was diverted by Chance's tennis ball game, and later,when Chance, at death's door, hears Adam and makes his woof in response. Heartbreaking and hopeful, all at once. You are amazing, Susan, I can't wait to read more of your books. And when I stop crying, I will reread One Good Dog. '
'Judy Kessler'

'I first read The Dog who Dances. I loved it and had to read more. Then I read A Man of his Own, I loved Pax and all the characters. I just finished One Good Dog. Awesome, have to get the tissues. I love the way you tell the story from the dogs thoughts too. I am also happy with the endings. I have never written to an author, but I had to let you know, your books are wonderful. I will be reading The Dog who Saved Me as soon as it comes in to our library. Thank you '
'Christine Rhodes'

'I've read 2 or your dog books and am on my 3rd. I love your books and once I start reading, I can't wait to find out what happens.'

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