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'I just finished reading, The Dog Who Danced, and I just can't get it out of my head. I couldn't wait to finish it. It had such a wonderful ending. Can't wait to pick up another one of your books.'
'Karla Wolfrum'

'I just finished reading One Good Dog and am still crying. Thank you for letting Chance live! I have two pit bulls, one of which is a former bait dog lovingly named Ben (we call him Benny:))and this story truly touched my soul. He saved me as much as I saved him, much like Adam and Chance. I am looking forward to reading more of your books. Thanks again!'
'Emilie Guthrie'

'Hello Susan, A big thank you for your books (have read One Good Dog & Dog who Danced so far) Your insight into canine behaviour AND your insight into human behaviour is spot on. I've been telling all my friends to get a hold of some of your novels. I have recently taken on my fourth rescue dog, after the death of last one. This little guy is mostly Shih Tzu with another unknown breed in there somewhere and 9 yrs old, but learning his way around a new home and friends as his previous owner was unwilling to take him back after he had escaped (or been dumped??) and spent a couple weeks as a street dog before the authorities captured him. Kepp on writing please, your novels are just so GOOD. Barbara Milne'
'Barbara Milne'

'I have read tw0 of your books and am anxious to read the rest. You are a refreshing speaker for the dogs! They do speak and arf, arf is not what they are saying. Dogs communicate with body language and

'Just wanted to say a little more about how much I loved One Good Dog. The story was so compelling, so gripping. The stoic nature of Chance, never feeling sorry for himself or his circumstances.. the alternate moments of despair of Adam, who was diverted by Chance's tennis ball game, and later,when Chance, at death's door, hears Adam and makes his woof in response. Heartbreaking and hopeful, all at once. You are amazing, Susan, I can't wait to read more of your books. And when I stop crying, I will reread One Good Dog. '
'Judy Kessler'

'I first read The Dog who Dances. I loved it and had to read more. Then I read A Man of his Own, I loved Pax and all the characters. I just finished One Good Dog. Awesome, have to get the tissues. I love the way you tell the story from the dogs thoughts too. I am also happy with the endings. I have never written to an author, but I had to let you know, your books are wonderful. I will be reading The Dog who Saved Me as soon as it comes in to our library. Thank you '
'Christine Rhodes'

'I've read 2 or your dog books and am on my 3rd. I love your books and once I start reading, I can't wait to find out what happens.'

'I just discovered your new book

'Was blown away by A MAN OF HIS OWN. The insights into PAX and dogs' behavior in general, the development of Rick and Francesca and Keller, were so poignant. Being a dog owner for most of my 80 years, I wept a bucket of tears, while also rejoicing in the healing of relationships and PAX's role throughout. Thank you so much for writing with such love about this dog, who is a war hero and an extraordinary friend. '
'Barbara Dan'

'Stumbled upon your works in the library recently and now I'm hooked! I cried when Justine found Mack! Your words have given me new perspective on my own little doggie (Sammy the Shih Tzu) and what must be the thoughts swirling through his head. I absolutely love your writing and can't wait to catch up on all the previous works before delving into your new release. What an awesome gift you've been blessed with!!'

'Just finished reading 'One Good Dog.' And, I just want to say Thank You and God Bless!'

'Just finished reading 'One Good Dog.' And, I just want to say Thank You and God Bless!'

'A year ago last month, I used a Christmas gift card at B&N and bought The Dog Who Danced; however, I didn't get around to reading it until Thanksgiving! I was enchanted by the story, particularly the perspective and personality of the dog. SO I downloaded One Good Dog just after New Years and read it in two days. Just two days ago I downloaded A Man of His Own. To use the overused hyperbole,
'Jean Crockett'

'Just finished One Good Dog and still thinking about it. Loved the story. Going to read more of your books. Keep writing love your books! Thank you!'

'wonderful, wonderful, wonderful- I choked up, I cried, I lived through it- thank you. It's one of those books you just drag your feet reading the last chapter because you don't want it to end!!!'

'Just finished your new book
'jackie schacht'

'Susan - I love your books! One Good Dog and the Dog Who Danced, can't wait for A Man of His Own to come out in paperback! I have my sister from NH also hooked on your books! Thanks.'
'Debbie - Upstate NY'

'After reading some of these comments all I can say is ditto, ditto, ditto and....I pulled up your website to let you know that my library was featuring The Dog Who Danced on the front bookshelf and the adorable sheltie caught my eye. Seeing that you had a prior book, One Good Dog, I checked that out too and read it first. It's been a LONG time since I stayed up late to finish a book!! But that's what I did last night...such a good book and I am teary writing this. My only complaint is that I woke up at my customary 3:30 AM and then couldn't get back to sleep thinking about
'Teri Elmore'

'I can't remember if I've written here before but I just want to thank you for such wonderful writing! I picked up

'Have read One Good Dog, The Dog Who Danced, and just finished reading A Man of His Own. I almost could not see my e-reader for the tears streaming from my eyes. What a sweet way to wrap up this work of art. These stories are exquisite in so many ways. I am hooked. Cannot wait for the next dog-person book to be published! '

'Just finished
'Marye-Jo Neales '

'Three weeks ago I didn't know who Susan Wilson was, now I know I cannot live without reading the rest of your books , One good dog was just so wonderful, I love the way you write and have the doggie expressing his thoughts and views on life / I am now reading the dog who danced and I cannot put it down, these books are so real you can feel the emotions and the love / keep writing /'
'Jeanne Richard'

'In response to anyone interested in animal rescue, a good place to start is your local animal shelter, or you can call the local chapter of the ASPCA in your area to find out what you can do to end the inhumane treatment of dogs and other animals. '

'Looking for something to read, I checked One Good Dog out of the local library a couple of years ago and absolutely loved it. Loved it so much, I bought the book so I would be able to read it again (and again) whenever I wished. I then ordered copies of the book and had them sent to my two sisters and to my brother, so they would understand what I was talking about when I said One Good Dog was a wonderful novel with a great story line, writing style and interesting characters you didn't want to say goodbye to when you were done reading. I have recommended this book to everyone I know. I've always been an avid reader, about a book a week, and I think I'll read One Good Dog yet again. Even if I wasn't involved in animal rescue, this book would still have touched my heart. I wanted to thank you for it.'

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