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If you just want to drop me a comment which will appear only on this website, use this page.  If you'd like to hear back from me, go to the contact form and sign in.   I promise that I'll  get back to you as soon as I can. I love hearing from fans and friends and friends who are fans!  With your permission, I may transfer your email notes to the contact page so that others can share in your thoughts.
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'I gave The Dog Who Saved Me to a friend that was having a ruff(rough) time. Thank you so much because it really helped her'

'well well well, finally a writer who is touching my core. I am listening to your books on my long commute to work and I just sit in my car not wanting to get out. just amazing how well you know people and dogs. and how well you can write about it. I am going to read your earlier work now that I have finished the wonderful dog books, they are all so special and so unique, not the same story redressed. I am a huge fan!'

'I just read A Man of his Own. Just brilliant! I read it and your knowledge of the Boston area made me feel like I was home again. Thanks and excellent read! By the way, the book was referred to me by a friend who is WW2 Army combat veteran.'
'Frank Alvarez'

'You are without a doubt the Best writer ever. Truly amazing! I just finished A Man of His Own. Cried like a baby. '
'Teresa Mathews'

'Great website. Your book A Man of his own caught my eye as the pup looks so much like my Kaiser. Can't wait to read it. '
'Suzanne Hamel'

'I have read three of your books and loved them, and hope to read more. I strongly advise others to read these very stirring books. Looking forward to any new books you may write.'
'Margaret Hup'

'I have read only 2 of your books. They are so heart-warming and good. My eyes have gotten old and cannot read the small print. Hard to get Large Print copies of your books. You have to be a wonderful person to write such stories. Thank you.'
'Ruby Davis'

'Dear Susan Wilson! Hawke's Cove story it's superb and beautiful. WOW! Thanks. '
'Marianna Mongyi'

'I just read A Man of His Own. I was so connected to the characters I couldn't put the book down. You are very talented. I am ready to get another of your books. '

'My first of your novels was
'Christina (Canada)'

'I love your dog books! I have read One Good Dog, The Dog Who Danced, and just finished The Dog Who Saved Me. I can't wait to read Two Good Dogs. Your books are the best! Please write more dog books for all of us dog lovers!'
'Jacks Momma'

'I finished Hawkes Cove after many, many tears. Having spent many summers in So Yarmouth I could identify with nearly every sand dune & & wave. Having farmed in NH I identified with each clapboard on the old barn. Being 80 years old I identify with the war years. Please consider having your next book located in my
'Kim Gardner'

'Just finished reading
'Tom Mahler'

'I just finished A Man of His Own!! I immediately ordered The Dog Who Saved Me, The Dog Who Danced and One Good Dog. I don't know which one I will start next but I know it will be great. God has surely given you a gift, Susan, and I thank you for sharing with us. '
'Ginger Johnson'

'Just read one of your books for the first time: One Good Dog. I loved it! And really enjoyed your style of writing. So happy to see on website that there is a sequel: cant' wait. I hate to finish an excellent book! Thank you and I now can't wait to read more of the Dog books. '
'Jaye Smith'

'Just given the book, the Dog who Saved Me by a friend and was so surprised. I went to school with your sister-in-law on the Vineyard. Can't wait to read it! Cheers!'
'Leslie Frank Berryman'

'Just finished

'Just finished reading

'After reading ALL of your other writings, i'm 2/3rds through

'Just finished 'reading ' on cd, Dog Who Danced. It is a remarkable book and I could easily see Buddy Mack doing his job in herding & healing his people. My parents raised Basenji and we showed them as well. But it always amazed me to see their perceptive qualities and ability to change people's moods and lives. Looking forward to reading more of your stories. Thank you, Susan. '
'Marlene '

'a girl gave me a copy of the dog who saved my life. not only was it very entertaining and sometimes amusing, i plan to read the rest of your titles as well. thank you very much!'

'Just finished The Dog Who Saved Me. Loved it! I would love another book bringing Cooper back on his new job with his new partner the Black Lab.'
'Mary '

'I am reading through your dog series and enjoying it very much. I am a hopeless dog lover and was born and raised on the Vineyard. Keep them coming!'

'I'm halfway into




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