Susan Wilson


Dear Readers,

Whew...I've finally finished TWO GOOD DOGS, which will be released in March, 2017.  TWO GOOD DOGS features a return of our old friends, Adam March and Chance, from the first of my dog-centric novels, ONE GOOD DOG.  They are up in the Berkshires, and a new rescue comes into their lives--both the human and canine versions. 

In the meantime, the fall edition of Stay Thirsty online magazine is available and it's a great thing that founder/editor Dusty Sang likes my essays because it alleviates the guilt I feel for not blogging.  It's like blogging, but better.  This time I talk about the magic of seeing a child learn to read.  Here's the link to the latest edition.

Cheers and happy reading,


Oh, and here's a link to other Stay Thirsty editions.

Here's a link to my interview with Tim Link of PetWrites radio.  Enjoy!

I love doing radio interviews!

Watch this space for news of more upcoming events.