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I'm delighted to announce that THE DOG I LOVED is already in galley form (with a beautiful cover) and will be released in November 2019.  This was a tough book to write, filled as it is with fairly dark subject matter.  At the heart of it is the healing power of dogs, and in this novel, there are two amazing dogs who intersect with two amazing women.  Rosie Collins is four years into a 20 year sentence for manslaughter when she volunteers to train puppies as therapy dogs.  Meghan Custer is a wounded warrior who is the recipient of Rosie's first trainee, a chocolate Lab named Shark.  When a mysterious benefactor facilitates Rosie's release and then provides her with a job as a project coordinator overseeing the rehabiliation of an ancient house on the edge of Dogtown in Gloucester, everything in Rosie's life changes. Alienated from her family, perplexed by this sudden reversal of fortune, and reliving the tragedy that led to her incarceration, Rosie is befriended by a large gray dog, she names Shadow.  Both Rosie and Meghan have to learn to trust and to love after the traumas that they have endured.  The dogs are the key.  

Amazon has kindly offered advance ordering for THE DOG I LOVED.  Here's a link.

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