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After the year without a dog….welcome Cora

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To rescue or not to rescue, that was the question.  Having spent a great many years writing about dogs in difficult situations; having ‘rescued’ our last dog who came to us through an organization that brings unwanted puppies and dogs up from the south; and, having supported, advocated, and admired the wide flung variety of rescue organizations in the US, it seemed as though I didn’t want to adopt another rescue dog.  I don’t admit this lightly.

It took a long time to be able to even consider bringing a new dog into our home.  We were devastated by our old dog’s passing and it took an act of great courage to open our hearts to more anguish as, inevitably, we will go through that grief again.  When we adopted Bonnie, we took on a dog of an unknown, and unknowable, quantity.  Now, with grandchildren, other dogs in the family, and a hope to do more traveling now that my husband is within hailing distance of retirement, we needed a dog that was a known quantity.  After months of research, conversations with owners and advice from a dog trainer, we settled on the Cavalier King Charles spaniel.  It took several more months to locate a puppy.  Finally, happily, we found Cora.

It’s been a month.  She’s gone from infant to toddler, so to speak.  Meaning, her personality is developing and the opportunities for mischief abound.  As her breed was advertised to us, she is immensely trainable (or we’re very trainable) so ‘accidents’ have been kept to a minimum.  Also, as advertised, she’s complete lap dog, content to nap for an hour in my lap which explains why I’m not working as much as I should be. It’s really hard to type with a puppy in your lap.  Really, really hard.   I’m trying right now.

Lap warming.

By the way, her name, Cora,  is in honor of the Red Sox manager, Alex Cora…who, it turns out not only won the division championship on his birthday but mine as well.  If she’d been a boy, we’d have named her Mookie.  Cora watched the Red Sox clinch the World Series with us.  Bear in mind, she was born in New York.  Fortunately, we got her before her team loyalties were formed.

Cora watching the Red Sox win the World Series

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