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Heather Goff Sketches of Bittersweet Farm

Posted on: January 21st, 2013 by Susan 3 Comments

My web designer isn’t just a brilliant web mistress, she’s a talented artist. These are her digital sketches of Bittersweet Farm where I keep our elderly Thoroughbred mare. Heather has caught the essence of this peaceful place that I think of as heaven on earth. She’s also caught the character of our dog Bonnie. Visit Heather at her website to see more of her marvelous work.

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3 Responses

  1. Susan, my comment here is well after you might expect one about this post, but I only recently discovered THE DOG WHO DANCED which prompted me to search for your website.

    You mention that Heather has caught the essence of [your] peaceful place and my instant response was, yes, and in your book you perfectly caught the essence of a Sheltie’s personality and the distinctive human-dog bond that can result from having Shelties in one’s life. Thank you for this achingly beautiful story.

    My life has been filled with Shelties — I’ve loved, bred, raised, trained and showed them for 35 years. I stepped away from the breeding and showing for a number of years while I ran a professional dog show secretarial service, and later I was the dog consultant for the filming of CastleRock’s movie “Best In Show”. I’m familiar with many different breeds and I know canine authenticity when I read it. Dogs always find their way into my stories. (I’m published in non-fiction but not yet in full-length fiction.)

    I’m now looking forward to getting my hands on copies of your other books.

  2. Like Carol’s post above, I just recently discovered THE DOG WHO DANCED. I am a voracious reader, but will only read books in which dogs, cats, or other animals are the key characters, be it fact or fiction

    This was the most enjoyable book I have read this year, and the one I could most relate to. I’m part Justine and part Alice. It wasn’t a sheltie, but a rottweiler, who rescued me.

    You so beautifully capture how dogs can change our lives and open our hearts in ways no human ever can. They really are one of God’s natural healing agents.

    Please keep bringing us such great stories. While they may be categorized as fiction, those of us who are blessed to know the love of a dog, know your stories are far more truthful than fictitious.

    I will be purchasing your other books, including extra copies, which will make wonderful gifts for my friends.

  3. Susan says:

    Thank you, Janis. It means a lot to hear from readers who really relate to my stories. I wish you and your Rottie all good things. Cheers, and happy reading.

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