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Season of Hope and Reflection

Posted on: December 13th, 2012 by Susan No Comments

It’s that time again when we take stock of the past year and hold it up against the hopes and dreams that we had laden it with back twelve months ago.  We go into every new year with the same belief that this one, this year, will be the one when it all comes together.  When the toil of our hands and the dreams in our hearts somehow build to a resounding crescendo of success.  What is it about the turning of the year from one to another that imbues the human spirit with hope?  Did our ancestors sit around the communal fire late on a winter’s eve and say:  This is the year when that new fangled spear point is going to work.  Or, I’m going to try harder to get that mammoth, I just know we can do it.  This year we’ll eat better.  Is it the way the stars in a winter sky are like crystal drops, shimmering against a velvet backdrop, reminding us of the vastness of our universe, like the vastness of hope.  We are stars, shimmering with potential light.

If we look back and say, nope, didn’t fix it, didn’t do it, changed my mind, does that make us any less apt to look forward with the expectation that the upcoming year will be an improvement?  I’m not speaking of resolutions, those little lies we tell ourselves.  This is the singular human sense of possibility.  Because we understand the concept of future—unlike our animal companions, to the best of our knowledge—we get to anticipate, to hope.

When I look back at my year, I am just so grateful:  The publication of THE DOG WHO DANCED to such wonderful reviews.  The stalwart support of my blessed fans who read and share and write to me to let me know that they’ve enjoyed my books.  My beloved team of agents and editor who make it all possible.  My family.  My beasties.  Bookstores!  But this is about looking forward, to projecting hope into the next year.  If this one was so good, how can I expect to have another banner year?  Let’s be honest, am I being a little greedy?  No.  I’m a human being who believes that hope is the stuff of life and there is no limit to it.  May all your hopes and dreams for this new year be realized.

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