Susan Wilson


Dear Readers,

I don't think I say it often enough, but THANK YOU for visiting this website, for searching me out on Facebook, and for sending me your emails with unabashed enthusiasm or, of course, some criticism.  It all makes me, not just a better writer, but one who still gets a kick out of doing this for a living.  Having said that, I am within hours of finishing the first full draft (which is actually the sixth iteration) of the latest novel, as yet untitled.  I don't know when it will make its appearance between covers, there is still an awful amount of work left before that happens, but I'll keep you all posted as we move along.  In the meantime, take a look at my essay "Readers Ask" that appeared in the most recent issue of Stay Thirsty on-line magazine.  Click on the link below.  

best wishes for a wonderful holiday season and onward and upward! 


Susan Wilson






If you follow me on Stay Thirsty Magazine, here are links to the various editions.

Here's a link to my interview with Tim Link of PetWrites radio.  Enjoy!

I love doing radio interviews!

Watch this space for news of more upcoming events.